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Student information and medication details

To be completed by the PARENT/GUARDIAN and/or ADULT STUDENT/CLIENT.

This information is confidential and will be available only to teaching/ support staff and emergency medical personnel.

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Name of medication (include generic name): *

Form of medication  *

Route: *

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If your child requires tablets, how many tablets are you providing to the school?

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Please attach any other instructions for administration of medication. This includes information about whether the student’s condition creates any difficulties with self-management; for example, difficulty remembering to take medication at a specified time or difficulties coordinating equipment (e.g. puffer and spacer).

This plan has been developed for the school settings: *

AUTHORISATION AND RELEASE - Medical/Health Professional

Please state who is the authorised prescriber of the medication, their role and contact details.

Please note:

  • Schedule medication outside care/school hours wherever possible
  • Be specific: As needed is not sufficient direction for staff members—they need to know exactly when medication is required
  • Nominate the simplest method. For example: Oral or ‘puffer’ medication is much easier to arrange than a nebuliser
  • Young children (e.g. junior primary age) are supervised when they take their oral/puffer medication
  • Wherever possible, safe self-management is encouraged.

Hunter Christian School:

  • Accept only medication which has been ordered by a doctor and is provided in the original, fully labelled pharmacy container
  • Do not monitor the effects of medication as staff have no training to do this
  • Are instructed to seek emergency medical assistance if concerned about a person’s behaviour following medication
  • Do not administer panadol or over the counter medication

I have read, understood and agreed with this plan and any attachments indicated above. I approve the release of this information to supervising staff and emergency medical personnel. *

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